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Bamboo - The Best Bamboo Product, Bamboo Indonesia, BAMBOO / www.bambooindonesia.co Bamboo Indonesia www.bambooindonesia.co is a design and export-company and serves as an internet medium for the business to business community and inquiries related to high volume black bamboo product and other garden accessories, Pandanus Grass and also Other Nature Fibers and general craft products - handicrafts made in our industry in Java from natural and sustainable resources found in abundance in Indonesia.


Bamboo Indonesia ,Bamboo Fence ,Bamboo Fencing ,Bamboo Friendly Fence features high quality ,Black Bamboo Friendly Fence, Bamboo Fences. Bamboo Edging ,Bamboo Fencer, Bamboo Fences,Bamboo Poles, Bamboo Pole ,Bamboo Panel, Bamboo Ladder, Bamboo Matting, Bamboo Root and Bamboo Screens.


We producing Bamboo Fencing, mosaic crafts like photo frames - mirrors - giftware - tableware - bowls - placemats - coasters general home ware & handicrafts for use and also decoration. We are capable of serving the high-end and high volume market as well as individual retail outlets, albeit minimum orders for our products do apply, please visit www.dekorasia.com for more detail information.


Why Us ?

ALL of our man power are fully Insurance Covered for Health ( Include the family members), Accident and Pension Cover ( Please see our Insurance Certificate in this page)


We supply small, medium and Large Company Such as IKEA, so we are able to work mass production.


We are packing our gift items in attractive natural packaging upon request made from materials such as pandan - vetiver - water hyacinth - mendong - agel and other natural resources. We are adding onto our product line as per customer requirements.


We have designed, made and exported these products since 1997 and all products are handmade and finished by skilled craftsmen. Our products are exported worldwide from Australia to South Africa and Europe to Hawaii.


Would you care to have your own designs created please inform us with specifics as we are able to supply you with custom-made designs provided you back up such requests with adequate volume. Sample, general and standard trading conditions do apply and are available upon your separate request. Would you care to keep abreast of new product developments and releases please contact us.


We look forward to you entrusting your next order with PT. Dekor Asia Jayakarya, Yogyakarta Indonesia


Best Regards www.bambooindonesia.co

Bamboo & Sustainability


Bamboo Indonesia, Black Bamboo : A Cedar (probably the first material that comes to mind when you think about fences) takes upwards of forty years to grow to a size where it can be harvested, and when it,s harvested, that,s it. The tree is dead, the roots will die, and it,s another forty years until a new one grows. We,ve all heard about the ecological dangers of deforestation. It throws entire ecosystems off balance, reduces the earth,s oxygen production, and gives rise to soil erosion and runoff. And these dangers are only the headings of their own lists of environmental consequences. There is no deforestation with bamboo, roots continue to leave. Unlike traditional lumber, the demand for bamboo is less than its growth rate, so using bamboo as a primary material for construction of our products helps keep our forests where and as they are.


Strength & Splitting Bamboo Indonesia, Black Bamboo : Bamboo isn,t wood. It,s clasified as a grass but just as strong as wood, if not stronger. In terms of tensile strength, it,s actually even stronger than steel. It,s lightweight, it,s considered decorative, and it comes in many varieties.


Bamboo fibers contain silica, the substance associated with the glassy sturdiness of sand, which helps bamboo poles resist rot and termites. Nearly all bamboo, especially poles of larger diameters (1, or greater), will split over time, but splitting doesn,t mean the bamboo is weakening. Bamboo,s hard and dense skin keep the poles strong and sturdy despite this splitting. When working with a raw organic building material like bamboo one has to accept (or embrace) these natural qualities. Splitting is simply the nature of the material. We assure you that it will not compromise the strength or lifespan of your fence. Many customers appreciate the natural appearance splitting brings. If you wish the minimal splitting, regular maintanance is recommended.

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